Crypto Genius Review: Fraud or Legit?

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Crypto Genius is a programmed crypto trading bot where traders can generate up to 5000 dollars regularly with the smallest investment that is lower than 1000 dollars. As you are expecting from a programmed bot, all of its processes and executions are automatic, therefore, this will allow new traders with no experience at all to trade in the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto trading bots are a modern breakthrough. It is not surprising news to see, hear, and read numerous rude critiques by users and even exports since the bots are programmed and they create fewer mishaps. But you are reminded that not all crypto trading bots will steal your hard-earned money. Purposely, that is why we prepared this comprehensive review to teach you about various platforms in which you are considering to invest in.

Normally, there are several matters that one must know prior to trading on every automated crypto trading application. The trader must ensure that they have understood the studies and reports meticulously before entrusting your capital. You are required to trade starting from the minimum capital set by the program. Through this, you will guarantee to get away from undesirable failures.

Now, we are going to explain extensively regarding Crypto Genius. It declares that traders can earn 5000 dollars in one day. As a new trader, this claim may seem like a ludicrous expense to obtain. However, once you are familiarized with the ins and outs, they declare that you can even generate more than the regular price obtained each day. We all know that you are worried, but we suggest you focus on understanding the guide that we are going to provide.

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Is Crypto Genius reliable?

Definitely, yes! The evaluations that we provide to our crypto trading bots are dependent on actual measurement. To ensure that the ratings we provided are real-time, we do this cross-examination on the actual trading program. Nevertheless, we can conclude that Crypto Genius has an efficiency measurement of 97%. This indicates that compared to the hundred dealings settled, 97 of them will present your earnings.

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Crypto Genius is also 100% automated, which suggests that having no knowledge and background in trading does not mean you cannot trade and generate profits as you would like. Because the arrangement lays the transactions instead of you – adjusting the setting is hardly required and can be done once a day. Finance specialists could only achieve this work in the beginning, but because of this trading bot, everyone can achieve such profits and trade with people you want to transact with. 

Furthermore, the installation of any software on your desktop or mobile phones is not required. You can completely access the software online. You just need to register for a new account to commence with your trading goals. Through this, you don’t reveal your operations to any fraudulent hackers that you might encounter while downloading the software. Such a portion is making Crypto Genius completely further reliable.

Crypto Genius Review

Crypto Genius is simply one of the hundreds of crypto trading programs that are completely automatic. The software, similar to others, applies high-frequency procedures to exchange and make earnings from growing and declining sales. Since it is programmed, it is not necessary to have experience before settling your dealings on this software. The algorithm produces the whole analysis, and it will not be necessary to input ideas and concepts into it. 

Another thing is that you do not need to use other platforms for your other cryptocurrencies as Crypto Genius accepts multiple cryptocurrencies in trading. You can see other software and platforms that only allow Bitcoin (BTC) to be traded, but with Crypto Genius, you get to trade other cryptos as well, including Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETC), Tether (USDT), and so much more. In that way, you are not jeopardizing some kind of alternatives before investment.

Besides, this Crypto Genius ensures a saving of 5000 dollars by day with the first capital of fewer than 1000 dollars. This is a notable sum for every newcomer, however, if you get familiarized with the software and procedure already, unquestionably you will be prepared to earn enormously. Furthermore, it is highly suggested that you start your investment with the lowest possible expense. Plus, you will be obligated to consume at least 20 minutes on the Crypto Genius daily.

Crypto Genius: How does it work?

Crypto Genius utilizes high-frequency buying devices to exchange in the forex and stock market. These tactics manage to acquire numerous values by examining large data to create notified arrangements about transactions. This significant data is unlikely to be analyzed by an individual, however, the algorithm can make it shorter than 3 seconds. That is the value of an automatic crypto trading bot.

The value of large information depends on the probability that it provides to produce earnings. This is the reason for more concentration that is performed on large data review. Besides, significant data delivers the whole profit achievable for all crypto trading software. Plus depending on real-time examination, we can assume that the agents that are incorporated with Crypto Genius are highly regarded and accurate – no need to bother regarding your hard-earned cash becoming wasted.

The concept of the programmed crypto trading seems to encourage somebody might acquire wastes in the event the exchange course is erroneous or the volatility is below. Hence, some precautions are required. One principal safety measure is starting your dealing with the lowest feasible expense, wherein the case of Crypto Genius is 250 dollars. If you spend at a cheaper expense and the transaction ends in a failure, you will barely waste less.

Before starting your programmed trading practice, you must examine a lot regarding the program you are spending in – for this instance in Crypto Genius. Examine numerous technical aspects as well—lots of various demos are available on YouTube and other platforms so you will be able to see it. Researching about the platform you are going to engage with your money means you should learn from the mistakes the other has made.

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Key Features of Crypto Genius

✅ Withdrawals & Deposits – Based on our tests, we can prove that the withdrawals are prepared on the same day. This is a manifestation that Crypto Genius is safe and not a fraud. Furthermore, the deposits will also be processed immediately, and numerous payment arrangements are open in which traders can utilize to place the primary funds prior to trading.

✅ Verification Method – Crypto Genius ensures that anyone who will register at their program is verified and validated. This is for the safety of all users that is why you will be prompted to provide your email address and phone number for verification purposes. And for that, it is highly suggested that you provide your active email and reachable mobile number for you to also be notified of it. Nonetheless, the verification method is fast and simple, and no complicated inquiries are needed.

✅ Customer Service – Our thorough explanation in this article should guide you if ever you encountered any problem in Crypto Genius. However, if you still do, the customer service at Crypto Genius got your back. Any concerns and problems experienced before-during-after your trading can be assisted by the customer service. Either through a call or an email, they will contact you and are always ready to extend their assistance in any way you are comfortable.

✅ Payouts – As we are trying to establish, payouts or any withdrawals are accomplished in the best way. Crypto Genius declares that users can earn up to $5000 a day. Numerous reviews and testimonies are already out for you to check out stating that they were able to earn this much profits, making the platform the best and not a fraud one. Therefore, don’t be confused and invest with Crypto Genius that surely you will earn more.

✅ Brokers – Crypto Genius has smart and professional brokers. If you are a rookie, it is best to completely use 100% trading bot mode. Succeedingly, your capital will be sent to the broker’s account that was assigned to you. That broker will set your exchanges in your place. We can prove that these brokers are dependable and honest on this platform. Rest assured that the money you are putting in will never be lost.

✅ User Testimonials – During the time we are examining Crypto Genius, we also asked out some users who have already provided their testimonials on the website. Surprisingly, we received good reviews from all of them regarding their use of the software. Consequently, thinking twice about utilizing Crypto Genius should never cross your mind, it is best to invest in a platform that is already trusted and reliable.

✅ Cost and fees – If you have made up your mind on investing in Crypto Genius, we can genuinely say you are in luck. Currently, utilizing the software does not have any cost or fees, no need to pay even for commissions. However, there are chances that they might start charging users upon registration due to popularity and growing users. Therefore, better to register now while it is free.

We discovered that the website has a high factor of clearness and everyone can surely recognize why Crypto Genius has a solid reputation in the market. The trading platform is also pleasant to use since it is user-friendly and safe to use. They have outstanding customer support, enabling us to maximize the use of the software.

How to start enjoying the perks of Crypto Genius?

Registering and signing up an account in Crypto Genius is very simple and no fees or any charges to pay. This implies that anybody can join the community of the Crypto Genius family. Remarkably, the registration process of the program is very secure and harmless.

Crypto Genius was able to step up with its system into protecting the personal information of its users. They make sure that their website has an active SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification, one of the few ways in making sure they are preventing any data breach. It is a modern protocol that guarantees every data going through a website is encrypted.

While we are examining the Crypto Genius, we concluded that they are safely keeping the users’ data and have never distributed any information with third parties. They are taking measures to make sure all users practice safe password creation. Therefore, one must follow these simple steps to register in Crypto Genius.

Step 1: Register or Sign Up

Just visit Crypto Genius website and fill up the short sign up form. The personal information you will need to provide is your complete name, country, email address, and telephone number. Passwords will also be prompted so make sure to have the strongest one.

Generally, the process is very fast, and in just a few minutes, your registration at Crypto Genius is finished. You must also be aware that the Crypto Genius trading platform is not accessible in all countries because of the regulations and laws. You may check if your country can access the platform by going through the registration process.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

>> Register at the Official Crypto Genius website

  • It is vital that you recognize that this money is still yours and you can manage it as your capital in cryptocurrency trading. Additionally, withdrawing your capital will never be a hassle.
  • Their system allows various convenient and secure deposit options that you can select, including Mastercard, Visa, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, and different third-party payment processors like Neteller, Skrill, and Web Money.
  • If you still need another way to deposit your capital, you can directly contact the customer support at Crypto Genius to assist you properly.
  • Crypto Genius software is still on Beta that is why they are making the program free of charge.

Having this information and knowledge in mind, it is best to immediately register in order for you to still get the opportunity in accessing the software with no charges.

In this level, it is necessary to specify that the Crypto Genius exclusively partners with reliable, top, and leading brokers in the trade. These agents will present you with the trading program to execute your deals.

The brokers at Crypto Genius are able to provide a huge array of efficient services, tools, and features, including access to complete educational supplies, professional and active customer services, protected banking options and so much more.

Due to the reason that brokers are being regulated, this implies that they are working within strict regulations and guidelines from the international regulators. This is one of the reasons why traders at Crypto Genius are always in their peace of mind, knowing that their finances are maintained and secured by separated bank accounts. The software operates seamlessly with the brokers’ programs.

Step 3: Utilize Demo Account for Software Familiarization

One of the leading perks of utilizing Crypto Genius is they are providing a free demo trading account where you can run your first trial trading with their virtual funds. This enables them to test the program without risking any capital or funds. Demo trading account is also a way to make yourself familiar with the automatic crypto trading program and other features.

Step 4: Enjoy Live Trading

After having a chance to recognize the software’s features on your own, if you feel like you are ready for live trading and get accurate results, proceed to check out the live trading platform. All trades there are automatically opened depending on your buying parameters. The program will browse the markets and will endorse you a trading chance and it will be instantly accessed in your trade account.

Literally, you can just sit still while you are seeing that your capital is making profits.

This is the easiest way in the cryptocurrency trading market.

In the best view, it concluded that the Crypto Genius robot is a triumphant product.

Live testing is also examined and tested with the maximum hours of 4 hours. Within that short period of time, they were able to earn $635 just completely doing nothing. Trading with Crypto Genius was also fun and engaging.


Being a rookie in the crypto trading market will never be that easy, so you should always keep your mind and sense awake before investing in any platform. However, Crypto Genius is one of the available platforms in cryptocurrency trading that offers great rates with up to a 97% win rate. This implies that the software is one of the leading platforms that will guarantee your earnings. Furthermore, there are remarkable unique characteristics that you must put in thought while analyzing this trading bot with different platforms.

Crypto Genius is always ensuring that they have the best customer service that will completely assist you with any issues you might encounter in the future. However, you will still need to be very careful with anything. That is why we have prepared you this complete guide so you can prevent higher loss or be bankrupt while trading in the crypto market – due to high volatility. Also, study and examine and understand the reports very thoroughly before executing any progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ How long should I wait after I withdraw my earnings?

The processing of withdrawals from the program takes at least 24 hours.

❓ Is Bitcoin only allowed on this platform?

No, several payment modes can be utilized.

❓ Is Crypto Genius Fraud?

Crypto Genius is completely legitimate.

❓ Do I need to have experience or extensive knowledge when using this software?

Crypto Genius is a programmed and systematized software. Therefore, you will not need any experience in crypto trading, the system will do it for you.

❓ If ever I encountered any problem, what should I do?

Crypto Genius has an active customer service that you can contact through email or phone.

❓ I want to use the software however it says that it is not available in our country, is that possible?

It is possible. The software operates together with specialized brokers. If the software is not available in your country, that means your country does not have sufficient brokers.

❓ Are you certain that we will obtain high earnings in this software?

The cryptocurrency market has high volatility, therefore it is hard to tell how much money or earnings that you can make regularly. But one thing is for sure, you will be earning through Crypto Genius.


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Risk Disclaimer: Trading involves the risk of losing the invested capital. Invest only what you are willing to lose. between 67% and 85% of retail clients lose money by trading CFDs.

REGULATION & HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Trading Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies is highly speculative, carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose some or all of your invested capital, therefore you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Please click here to read a full risk warning. Crypto Genius is a technology, marketing and advertising service. Crypto Genius does not gain or lose profits based on your trading results and operates as a technology, marketing and advertising service. Crypto Genius is not a financial services firm and does not operate as a financial services firm and is only used as a marketing tool by third party advertisers and brokers to attract customers. Its your obligation to check and decide weather the broker you were connected to applies to all local rules and regulations and is regulated in your country jurisdiction and is allowed to receive customers from your location your are in, before you fund your account with the broker and start trading with it. please report Crypto Genius (by clicking report abuse) if you find that the broker assigned to you is not regulated in your jurisdiction so we can cancel your account with Crypto Genius.

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